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NAB Page of Resources Regarding Safety Procedures During Civil Unrest

Defending Journalists

NAB is gravely concerned about recent violence against journalists who are legally covering the protests taking place across the nation. Provided below are resources to help stations navigate these dangerous situations.

From our country’s beginning, the right of the press to challenge the government, root out corruption and speak freely without fear of recrimination has been central to our democracy. Through accurate newsgathering and reporting, broadcast journalists keep the public informed.

Dedicated women and men in local communities across the country are putting themselves in harm’s way to cover the news; to shine light on the many facets of the challenges we face today. They are working to hold local officials and citizens accountable, to find the answers, and to seek justice. This has never been a more important task. NAB strongly condemns those who assault broadcasters simply for providing the most trusted news and information to keep Americans safe.

Resources for Stations Covering the Protests

NAB is aggressively working to protect and defend our First Amendment rights as journalists and provide resources to help keep your teams safe.

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