Master Control ENG Technician


This position requires at least 1 year of operational experience in master control and a strong aptitude for technical duties. The qualified candidate must be able to work under high-stress ‘LIVE’ situations, have strong communication skills and the ability to multi-task efficiently.

Primary Duties Include, on-air switching, recording of satellite and program feeds, program and commercial dubbing, and coordination of satellite and fiber remote feeds. Schedule flexibility is required subject to the operational needs of WCCB/WOLO/WFXB. Position may require a rotating schedule if needed to meet our operational needs.

Secondary Duties Include, but are not limited to production which may include the following: News Videotape playback, Newscast Audio mixing, repair and setup of technical equipment as needed. Additionally, other assigned duties as deemed necessary by management to meet the operational needs of WCCB/WOLO.

Interested Applicants should send their resume or email to:


Rick Gamertsfelder

Broadcast Operations Manager


WCCB Television

One Television Place

Charlotte NC 28205

No Phone Calls Please

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