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Vaccine Distribution

NAB is pleased to share that at the end of last year, the CDC’s Advisory Committee On Immunization and Practices (ACIP) recommended that journalists receive priority for COVID-19 vaccines, including them in the 1c group as essential workers, such as those who work in transportation and logistics, food service, construction, finance, information technology and communication, energy, media, legal, engineering and water and wastewater. This group will follow 1b, which consists of those older than 74 and front-line essential workers, such as fire fighters, police, teachers, grocery story workers, mail deliverers, agriculture workers, manufacturers, prison personnel and public transit employees. NAB applauded ACIP's recommendation, which will continue to ensure broadcasters have the ability to safely serve their communities.

NAB also wants to share a very helpful tool offered by the National Association of Counties that shows each state’s approach to vaccine distribution: This will be one of many tools for stations that is included in NAB’s vaccine education toolkit, which is launching in the coming weeks. The toolkit will also include results of NAB’s recent vaccine education research along with sample messaging and suggested tactics to help stations craft vaccine education messages that will best resonate with their listeners and viewers.  

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