Membership Benefits

NCAB members receive exceptional advocacy, information, career development and networking opportunities.

Seminars to help strengthen management skills by addressing topics such as advertising law, political broadcasting, license renewal, broadcast sales, First Amendment and news gathering law, media law and employment.

Annual Awards Ceremony and other events throughout the year offer opportunities to learn the latest industry trends, meet and exchange ideas, and network with other North Carolina broadcasters.

Congressional meetings & State Leadership Conference Meetings.

Alternative FCC Inspection Program, Legal Hotline & Legal Reviews.

Industry Awards &  Station Awards
Annual Hall of Fame, Distinguished Service Award, and Wade Hargrove Community Leadership Award. The Association also gives out many different station awards on an Annual Basis.

Publications & Website
Nuts 'n Bolts of Political Advertising, Open Meetings Law, A Candidates Guide to Political Broadcasting; Job Bank and access to the Members Only area of this Website