Annual Industry Awards

Every year NCAB honors the “best of the best” in the North Carolina broadcast industry with the Association’s most prestigious awards — the Hall of Fame Award, the Distinguished Service Award, and the Wade Hargrove Community Leadership Award.

Hall of Fame Award

The Hall of Fame Award was initiated in 1970. Consideration is given to North Carolina residents who have made significant contributions to broadcasting in the state, persons born in North Carolina who have made significant contributions to the broadcast industry outside the state and persons either born or residing outside of North Carolina who have made significant contributions to broadcasting in North Carolina. This award is designed to recognize and honor persons who have contributed to the broadcast industry in the past or over an extended period of time.

Distinguished Service Award

The Distinguished Service Award was authorized in 1973 in memory of the late Earle Gluck, who was a pioneer in broadcasting in North Carolina and played a significant role in the formation and development of NCAB. This award is given for outstanding service to or on behalf of the broadcast industry. This award is bestowed either annually or less frequently as the occasion warrants and is intended to recognize “current” contributions to broadcasting - as opposed to contributions made in the past or made over an extended period of time, which are recognized by the Hall of Fame Award.

Wade H. Hargrove Community Leadership Award

Unlike the NCAB Distinguished Service Award which recognizes service to the Association and to the broad-cast industry, the Wade Hargrove Community Leadership Award is intended to recognize current or past general managers, or other senior management of an NCAB member station who has made significant contributions toward the communities served by their radio or television stations, or to the general well being or improvement of the citizens of their local community, county or state. In keeping with the FCC mandate of “serving the public interest, convenience, and necessity,” these contributions may be made through public service campaigns, community events, service as an officer or elected official, or service on local boards and civic organizations. This Award was established in 2011 to honor Wade Hargrove who has dedicated his long career to protecting the rights of all broadcasters. Mr. Hargrove served as Executive Director and General Counsel to the North Carolina Association of Broadcasters for over 40 years.


Past Recipients of Hall Of Fame Award
David Brinkley (1970) Edmund S. Long (1987) Carl Lamm (2004)
H. K. Carpenter (1970) Clyde McLean (1987) Cullie Tarleton (2004)
Grady Cole (1970) Wallace Jorgenson (1988) Art Cooley (2005)
George C. Cox (1970) Doug Mayes (1988) Rennie Corley (2005)
Earle J. Gluck (1970) J. Floyd Fletcher (1989) John Young (2005)
Charles H. Crutchfield (1970) Robert Mendelson (1989) Henry Boggan (2006)
Billy Graham (1970) Arthur Smith (1990) Ralph Epperson (2006)
Andy Griffith (1970) Ray Wilkinson (1990) Maurice “Maury” O’Dell (2006)
Kay Kyser (1970) Ty Boyd (1991) Roy Underhill (2006)
Edward R. Murrow (1970) Frank Rice (1992) Joseph McKinley Bryan (2007)
Richard A. Dunlea (1971) James B. Childress (1992) John L. Greene (2007)
Ray Reeve (1971) Cy Bahakel (1993) Kenneth W. Lowe (2007)
Harold Essex (1972) Sen. Jesse Helms (1993) Lee W. Kinard, Jr. (2008)
Carl Goerch (1972) Jack Callaghan (1994) Bruce Wheeler (2009)
Frank Jarman (1973) Charlie Gaddy (1994) George Diab (2010)
E. Z. Jones (1974) Carl V. Venters, Jr. (1995) Sandra Hughes (2010)
Robert M. Wallace (1974) Kermit Edney (1996) Pat Patterson (2010)
A. J. Fletcher (1975) Ervin L. Hester, Sr. (1996) Tom Campbell (2011)
Richard H. Mason (1975) Loonis McGlohon (1996) Tom Howe (2012)
Doris B. Potter (1976) Max Meeks (1996) Larry Stogner (2012)
Wesley H. Wallace (1976) Jack Hankins (1997) Stuart W. Epperson (2013)
Charles B. Kuralt (1977) Bill Page (1997) Robert Lacey (2013)
Graham “Pappy” Poyner (1977) George Beasley (1998) Mark J. Prak (2014)
Robert R. Hilker (1978) Wade Hargrove (1998) Tom Suiter (2014)
Gordon Gray (1979) Jimmy Capps, Jr. (1999) Henry Hinton (2015)
Harold Harrison (1980) Hattie Leeper (1999) Stuart Scott (2015)
Earl Holder (1980) John W. “Jake” Dunlop (2000) Ann Seltman Smart (2016)
Jim Reid (1980) James A. Heavner (2000) Dee Ray (2016)
W. R. Roberson, Jr. (1981) Jackson F. Lee (2001) Rick Ray (2016)
Hartwell Campbell (1982) William R. Rollins (2001) Greg Fishel (2017)
Betty Feezor (1982) Tom Joyner (2002) John Isley (2017)
Fred Fletcher (1982) Jan Caddell (2002) Billy James (2017)
Roy H. Park (1982) Don Curtis (2002) Carl Davis (2018)
Jack Starnes (1983) Rick Dees (2002) Cameron Kent (2018)
Frank U. Fletcher (1984) Earl Wynn (2002) Bill Currie (2019)
Howard Cosell (1985) James G. Babb (2003) Dick Harlow (2019)
Reginald Fessenden (1986) James F. Goodmon (2003) Lisa McKay (2019)
William Friday (1986) Charlie Rose (2003) Jeff Davis (2021)
Kate Smith (1986) Woody Durham (2004) Dave Lingafelt (2021)
Wally Ausley (1987) Vassie Balkcum (2004) Jim Nantz (2021)


Past Recipients of Distinguished Service Award
Wade H. Hargrove (1973) James G. Babb, Jr. (1989) Rick Jackson (2005)
Jack Starnes (1974) Donald Curtis (1990) Ardie Gregory (2006)
Wesley H. Wallace (1975) Victor W. Dawson (1991) David Crabtree (2007)
Robert R. Hilker (1976) Alan MacIntyre (1991) Mark Prak (2008)
Charles H. Crutchfield (1977) Vassie Balkcum (1992) The Dawson Family (2009)
Sam J. Ervin, Jr. (1978) John Greene (1993) Henry Price (2010)
Jack P. Hankins (1979) Jan Caddell (1994) Dr. James Carson (2011)
Eugene H. Bohi (1980) Rennie Corley (1995) Senator Richard Burr (2012)
Wallace J. Jorgenson (1981) George Beasley (1996) J. Daniel Highsmith (2013)
Cullie M. Tarleton (1982) Tom Joyner (1997) Gary Weiss (2014)
Carl V. Venters, Jr. (1983) Beverly J. Holt (1998) Dick Harlow (2015)
James A. Heavner (1984) John Dawson (1999) Caroline Beasley (2016)
Robert L. Harper (1985) Mike Weeks (2000) Honorable G.K. Butterfield (2016)
William R. Rollins (1986) Henry Hinton (2001) Steven D. Hammel (2017)
James Goodmon (1987) Walker Morris (2002) Dean Susan King (2018)
Senator James Broyhill (1988) Tom Howe (2003) Chairman Ajit Pai (2019)
Tom Harrell (1988) Richard Cole (2004) The Honorable Virginia Fox (2021)


Past Recipients of the Wade H. Hargove Community Leadership Award
Phil Zachary (2011) J. Daniel Highsmith (2012)
J. Ardell Sink (2013) Gig Hilton (2014)
Doug Hamilton (2015) Lee Armstrong (2016)
Dan Vallie (2017) Broadcasters of the Triad Region (2018)
North Carolina Emergency Management (2019) First Responders of North Carolina (2021)