North Carolina Emergency Alert System

Amber Alert Plan

On June 12, 2003, Governor Michael F. Easley signed into law North Carolina's AMBER Alert System. This replaced the North Carolina Child Alert Notification (NC CAN) System. This system allows law enforcement to very quickly notify the public of an abducted/endangered child through multiple sources. The cooperation of the media, the Department of Transportation and law enforcement has been tremendous and each of you is to be congratulated for your efforts. The system was funded in part by a generous contribution from Revival Soyas well as a grant from the Governor's Crime Commission, which are greatly appreciated.

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North Carolina Silver Alert Plan

To help protect an increasing population of individuals that suffer from dementia or other cognitive impairment, North Carolina developed the Silver Alert Program to quickly locate missing persons who may be endangered.

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North Carolina Emergency Alert System

This plan is the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) mandated document outlining the organization and implementation of the State of North Carolina Emergency Alert System (EAS).
This plan is the guideline for North Carolina broadcasters, cable television operators, state and local entities authorized to use the EAS (as listed in Appendix A) to determine:

  • Mandated and optional monitoring assignments;
  • Codes to be used in the EAS Header sequence;
  • Schedule of the Required Monthly Tests (RMTs) which must be relayed by all broadcasters and cable operators;
  • Any other elements of the EAS which are unique to this state.

2024 Required Monthly Test Schedule

NC Department of Crime Control and Safety